The freshest hair salon in Maidstone

Tucked away in St Faiths Street in Maidstone you will find our stylish and contemporary hair salon.

Our Hair Stylists

Monkey Hair are always on the lookout for new hairdressing talent. Think you've got what it takes? Click here to apply...

Meet the monkeys


  • Head Director and salon owner
  • Over 25 years' experience
  • The Bearded Barber and top stylist


  • Keeps the monkeys motivated, trained and educated
  • Over 25 years' experience
  • Head colourist and stylist
  • Provides an excellent service


  • Over 10 years' experience
  • Confident in all aspects of hairdressing
  • Always provides an excellent service


  • Big personality
  • Loves to let her creative side loose
  • Bigger, brighter the better!
  • Enjoys any challenge

Little Ben

  • Fade specialist
  • Expert beard sculptor
  • Loves working outside the box


  • L'Oreal diploma in various workshops
  • Passion for creative colour
  • Always up for a challenge and will love providing you with that complete transformation


  • Up and coming stylist
  • Keen to take on any challenge


  • Looking forward to new challenges ahead
  • Excited about building a healthy clientele